From the day Timothy picked up his father's guitar as a young child with humble beginnings in a small town of just over 2,000, he has been fast developing a style all his own, influenced by the great masters of the past and the young guitar greats of the present. Now he is called a triple threat, fine tuning his guitar style from the Portland area music community, a performance at the renowned International Blues Challenge on the infamous Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, which will also highlight his strong vocals and his upcoming album of all original tunes.


“...incredible feel for the guitar with adeptness that belies his age”. 

Greg Johnson, President of Cascade Blues Association


March 2019


The IBC is an annual competition that brings acts from all over the world to the famed Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.  Every year, blues organizations from the United States, and around the world hold local contests to send their winners to Beale Street for 4 days of playing, networking and feeling the blues.  Timothy James is representing the Cascade Blues Association in the youth category.  This trip he'll be returning with a five piece band!




Trails End Saloon

Timothy James Band will be playing the Trails on the Thursday of Spring Break.  Come down and see this kid!